Looking for something different to support you in your growth and healing? Our practice offers special events and workshops throughout the year that might interest you.

Please join Emily Yelling, MA, LPC, CADC, in a monthly workshop called Women's Empowerment Circle for women to find support and connection. It will incorporate mindfulness, somatic techniques, meditation, self-compassion, open discussion, CBT techniques. Emily hopes to provide a supportive place where women can feel safe and can get out of their comfort zones to try new skills.


Come as You Are is a monthly event with Lauren Heaton, LPC, ICAADC, CIMHP to explore ways to heal and strengthen emotional ability, use the support of other members, and gain techniques to examine how past behavior may be holding you back from the person you wish to be. 


If you are interested in joining one of our special events, please contact our main office to reserve your spot at 412.367.0575.